Just a Little about Who I am

1. My first memory in life is when my uncle use to carry me in his bag around the streets. I was about two to three years old. But I Loved so much and I never forgot.

2. I did my first missionary trip when I was about three years old with my father who was a pastor. I could sing a lot of adults Christian songs and people use to come from long walking distance just to hear the little girl sing on the top of the table. I hate when my father tells those histories and here I am telling you about that. I am glad he is not able to read English.

3. I studied mechanic just to prove I could do something that only men could do. I proved nothing and I hated.

4. I did Physical Education in University just because I had no idea what I wanted to study.

5. I am not a traditional house wife. At least not like the traditional Brazilians. I try but is not natural in me. I hate the routine of the house. I like challenge and the house work does n´t challenge me at all. I would love to be have more skills in this area.

6. I worked in Amazon for two years travelling around the rivers. I had some of the best time in my life when I was in that region. The rain forest is beautiful.

7. I worked for 13 years with street kids. I loved so much. Was a hard work. I believe was the place where I learned a lot about my limits. I had the time of my life with them.

8. I was bit up by a muslim guy because I decided to confront him verbally in the work. Was the worse time in my life.

9. I was one of the worse English Student in class in Brazil. My teacher thought I never would be able to learn the language.

10. Senegal is the nation Paulo and I have in our heart. We spent 6 months there in 1999 and we would love to comeback one day.

11. I love do things in a different way. If you tell me to do something that everybody does I will try to do in a different way.

12. I love my family. When I say my family I am talking about Husband and children, father, mother, stepmother, brothers, sister, nieces, cousins, uncles and ants, etc. They are the most precious gifts in life for me.

13. I love to travel no matter how. Walking, car, bus, horse, boat, air plane. I just like to travel.

14. I love to be alone. Travel alone, go the shopping centre alone, to the moves. To do things on my own makes me understand more who I am and what I want. I love be around people, but I don´t know how to think about my self when there is others involved. People all ways will come first. Not because I am trying to please people, but because that is natural to me. That´s why being alone is a way that I have to understand what I want and who I am. Now that I am married those times is almost impossible. After you become a wife and a mother, who you are is not the most important thing in life any more.

15. I love to spend time with single people. And talk about something different than children.

16. I love my husband. His is so fun. He makes me see life with a sense of humour. We can laugh About everything. The most serious thing can be funny just because of him. I am not a funny person at all, but he helps me to see life light. We were married three times, in three different states of Brazil and in three weekends with the honey moon only after the third marriage.

17. I love to talk about sex. I am not ashamed at all. I think we should talk more about. More we talk more we can learn. And of course I love sex as well.

18. I like to receive people in my house, but I don´t feel comfortable to go and visit others. My house is an open house, but I am not an open person to go to peoples house. And there’s not because I am in England, I am like that in Brazil as well.

19. I am a person with a lot of questions in my mind. But I wont ask my questions unless I feel safe. Most of the times my questions will be in my mind hidden.

20. I am a friend. I believe in a friendship. I don´t think I ever stop been a friend because of a problem. I believe that a friendship is forever.

21. I never thought I could be a mother one day. I didn´t think I had the gift which in me. I didn´t think I could raise a child. I still have difficult to believe in my skills as a mother. I don´t see my self a mother or at least not like the traditional mother I have in my mind. Like my mother was. when I think I have three children under my responsibility I feel so weak and sometimes I need to pray and ask the Lord to take way my fear of failure.

22. I love God. That is so clear in my heart. When I talk about Him I can feel butterfly in my belly. I think that is how you say in English. I have a lot freedom with him, to talk about anything and to fight as well. He is the only person I can fight with out feel guilty.

23. I love my children, They are my source of understanding about the father heart of God.

24. I Write a lot. I have a blog where I write lots of things. One of my goal in my blog is to show who I am with transparency. I have been doing that and many people has been writing to me to thank me for take courage to put words in feelings that some of them are a shame of. I would love to get the courage and translate some of the staff I write unto English. One day…

25. I love you who took the time to read all this 25 items about me


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