Newsletter 31 de outubro de 2009


We doing well here in England. The summer is gone and now we have to face the cold weather again, but we are not scare this time cause we are going to Brazil in December. Yuuppppppppppppp!!!!! ;))))))) We will stay there for 12 weeks visiting families, friends and specially speaking in churches. Will be a very busy time. We wont be in the same place more than 10 days. We will travel a lot. We hope the kids will be able to cope with all the moving during those 12 weeks.


The work with the Muslim Mothers is growing and we can see some fruits out of the friendships I am building with the mothers. I am so blessed with all the love and respect I receive from them. The hospitality and acceptance is so good and helps a lot in the whole understanding of their culture. This last month one of the mothers decided to divorce her husband and even came to talk to us, hoping to find some understanding from us. We were able to comfort her and let her know that we would cover her with our prayer. Last week I told the kids the history of Noah. The kids loved and after one of the mothers came to talk to me impressed with the fact that we had Noah in our Bible. Sometime I feel that part of the reason why we are there is to help them to concentrate in our similarities and not in our differences. One of the mothers told me the other day: “to trust in our prophet Mohamed we have to trust in your Jesus first.” To hear that sentence from that woman made me feel so good. She found a way to identify her self with me and that meant a lot to me.


I am fine. More and more I feel I need to be more involved in the work that Damares is doing with the muslim. I don’t know yet how I will be involved or not. We are praying about that, but I feel is time to start something outside. There is something going on inside of me but I can’t identify yet what it is. I will let you know as soon as I clarify. I just know had to do with what Damares is doing and I know is time for action.

 Mateus – Is doing well. Can read now and he all ways has a lot of question about God. His is very emotional. Yesterday when he was giving me a hug of good night he said: “Mom I love you so much that I want to die for you.” You can imagine how I felt with that.

Amanda –

Is becoming a beautiful girl. She is a leader. She is full of life and all ways ready to help. Her Teacher said that Amanda is the student that every teacher would love to have in class. She likes to ask me if I am happy. For her that is so important.

Lucas –

Turned two in September. He is our small challenge. He has a strong will. He knows how to choose the DVD he wants, put in the DVD player and put on. We were amazing to see that. Last month we decided to potty training him. In three days he was trained. I was so proud of him. He gives lots of Joy to our lives.

Prayer need 1.

Out time in Brazil. One of the motives why we are going is to raise support. At the moment we have 40% of what we need as a family. So this time in Brazil will be very important of us to raise the rest we need.

2. For the kids. We know will be a busy time and we want them to enjoy as well. We will need wisdom to administrate our time in a way that for as will be work and for them a holiday.

3. For the work with the mothers here. At the moment I have only one full time helper and one part time. They will need people to help during the time I will be way. Thank you for all your support and help in our ministry. We know that with out you our time would be way more difficult. You facilitate our lives and we are thankful to the Lord for that. We love you. Lots of Brazilian hugs for you Damares


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