I Feel Home

Today a nice feeling of happiness came very soft into my heart when my children were playing the the house, Paulo working in the computer trying to find a way for us to go to Brazil at the end of the year and I was washing the dishes. I realized that I was feeling home!!! Youpppiiiii!!!!!! Remember all the emails I sent you expressing all my depression and crises with Paulo, my self and with everything also around me? Goodness me, I was not a good person to be around for about two years! I felt in a PMT all the time. Please feel sorry for my husband. He is a hero I have to say. LOL . He received a Certificate of Honor for loving me so much and accepted me during those time.

Today I can say “I feel Good”. I think I should sing that and send you a video, bu I don’t think you will like to hear my voice singing. I am in peace with my self, happy as a wife, mother and in my work as well. I miss Brazil, but this is my home and this is a wonderful feeling.

I have not writing a lot this last year. I should say I have writing nothing. Was hard for me to administrate my time with three children, my old self, plus Paulo slightsmile emoticon. I have working a lot with the Muslim Women. The group has growing and so the responsibility.

Paulo still in the national office as a graphic designer.

We are working as well with the Brazilian churches in England, offering support to them. I help with youth ministry and Paulo with the communication ministry.

The children are doing well. Mateus is 7 years old now, Amanda 5 years old and Lucas will be two in September.

I believe I will be able to comeback to my normal life in our communication. We are finishing our web page, and soon we will be sending you for you to visit and give us your opinion.

I think that is all for a new start. Thank you for been patience and loving us during this time.

God bless you. See you soon



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