In Brazil

We are doing fine. Paulo is in northeast of Brazil I couldn’t go. I am here with the kids. He will be that for three weeks. I miss him and so are the kids but we are fine. The kids are having a lot of fun. the weather here is incredible hot. Way more than I could remember, but everybody is saying that is worse this year. I don’t know. But I love the fact that is hot, I have no problem. Amanda and Mateus are missing home very much. When we ask them if they are having a good time they all ways say yes we are having a wonderful time but we want to comeback. slightsmile emoticon Mateus told me yesterday that he is missing tide up his room in England. slightsmile emoticon

Now I need to talk to you mark I just want to remember you about our invitation letter to renew our visa. We will need that to enter in the country. We flight back to England is on 3th of March but we will be here in my mother’s house until February 23th. We think will be good to receive the letter before this date. Sorry to give you more work to do. Thank you very much for all your help.

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