An Open Door

03 de Abril de 2011

That day was cold but we decided to leave the door open any way.  Even in a cold weather an open door makes a difference and gives a silent invitation to come in. In a nation where a closed door is a real need, an open door can stand out. In that day I realized how an open door can invite anyone to come in and check  what is going on inside.

Is the door of my church open? Is the door of my heart open?

Was a cold day and the bus of a 45 years old English Caribbean man  would take another 20 minutes to arrive. There, right on the bus stop where he was, was a church and different the most of the churches when is winter, it’s door was open!  He could hear music inside and decided to check what was going on.

He couldn’t understand one word, but he decided to stay any way. I went to him and offer translation, he accepted and God did the rest.

In tears he attend to the altar call invitation and said: ”Everything is so different here!” He accepted the Lord as his Saviour in the most traditional way ever!

We don’t hear testimonies like that very often any more. Seems that,  Is almost out of fashion. I’m not saying this is right or wrong, I just saying that we need to learn how to leave our doors open and learn how to translate the gospel in a way people will be able to understand and relate with.

 My prayer is to make sure my heart, my life, my house, my family will all ways be open to receive, to serve. I hope I will all ways have fresh water to offer you to drink,  to wash your feet at any time you need.

My prayer is to find an open door with fresh water to drink and a place to wash my heart, when I find my self in dirty and confuse place.

This is the ministry I want be able to build, this is the way I want to work, this is the life I want to have. Hope to find you and your family well.







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