Olimpics Program news letter 08/05/2012 2:15pm

Hello Friends

How are you? Hope you doing well. We are Working hard with all is taking place in London at the moment.

First I was helping to coordinate an event called Go for Glory for Christian artists and sports . We had 400 people on the event. You can have an idea with the video below. The artistic expression has being take out of our churches. We believe is time to restore this area and give space for the sports and arts to be alive among us again.


Paulo is working covering the events in London. He was with the kids 100% during my event and now that he is working I have the kids. Is working very well. Here is one of the videos he made it during this time.


If you have a time take a look. There is the webpage as well with lots of stories. We are happy to be part in the biggest outreach ever. This is not only in YWAM, but several organizations all together.


We are tired but happy. I can to take sometime to rest after all.

Thank you for supporting us in our ministry.




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