Why The Design School?

The school Paulo is bringing to Brazil is to reach Christians who has the heart for communication. The whole idea is to understand how you can co-criate with the Lord. How can we use Godly principles in the design and in our way of communication, not only in the church or ministry but as well in our secular Job.

If you have a good design in how you present the Gospel, how you present your ministry, you will attract more people to read or see what you want to pass on around.

In Brazil there is a lot of courses out there, but not much with a Christian perspective and is not easy for Brazilians missionaries to get out and pay for courses like that.

Paulo has in his heart to give tools to missionaries and Christians who work in Communication and help them reach the new generation with wisdom and creativity. Help Christians to get out of their comfortable zone and take risks.

We are in a moment when we need to learn how to communicate more with less. As Christians we need to understand this and learn how can we contextualize.

I am sending a link with some videos that Paulo is doing or helping doing with his team here in Harpenden. Please take a look and let us know what you think. He is working in another one now that talks about Human traffic. Paulo has 10 years of experience in Graphic Design and now he decided to combine his knowledge in the area of Videos as well. There is a lot to learn still, this is the beginning of his journey  in this area but we are very excited with the doors that has being open for us.

Thank you so much for standing with us in this vision. Please feel ask any question any time. Hope enjoy the videos. And don’t worry the videos are short videos.. 🙂

Love Damares


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