Good and Bad News

Dear Friends,
Here we go again. I have being in silence because my computer died, so communications has not being so easy. I need to wait for Paulo’s
computer and with the school and so much work is not easy find time to work. Let me try to up to date you of our time here in Brazil.

The last email I wrote we were in Recife. Now we are in YWAM in Sao
Paulo working at the School of Design. Paulo is working and translating for the school. He is tired but the joy in his eyes is
visible. The dream of so many years is reality now. Hard to believe!
To dream and believe in our dream is all ways worthy! Thank you for
believing in our ministry.

The kids are doing well, enjoying the weather and the time in family.
In January we spent 15 day in a house by the beach with my family and that was a wonderful experience. I have to say that this time has
being the best time I spent with my family since I left home 25 years

I’m doing well. I have to confess that is not easy being only a mother
and not being involved in any ministry but at the same time I am
having the time of my life with my children. I am in love with the
home school and I am learning so much. I wish I could be younger just to have two more babies. I am discovering again the pleasure and the power of being a mother.

Now I would like to share something for you to pray with us. About two
months ago Paulo and I went to the ophthalmologist just to check our
eyes. During this time the doctor suspect that Paulo had glaucoma that is a complicated disease in which damage the optic nerve leads to progressive irreversible vision loss. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness.

To complicate the situation, Paulo’s father became blind because of
Glaucoma and his mother lost the vision of one eye for the same
reason. That was a big surprise for Paulo. He never thought that he
could have any problem with his eyes. He works with design and filming so, think that his vision could affect his work made him feel

We made another test that confirmed the suspicions. Now he needs to
make another exam that will test the pressure in his eye in different
times of the day for him to start with the medication that he will
need to use for the rest of his life, from what I understand from the

The problem at moment is that Paulo, Aleck and Andrea are the staff
working in the school and Aleck don’t speak Portuguese and Andrea
don’t speak English. So he needs to wait until the end of the school
to do the other exam to start the treatment.

We know that this problem has no cure but that is a way to control.
Now he is not thinking about the problem because of a lot of work but
we know that when this finishes we will have to take a look in this
situation very carefully.

This is our news for today. Hope I will find you well. Let us know
how you doing.

`Again, thank you for all your love and trust. We wouldn’t be able to
do what we are doing as a family with out you.

Receive all our love


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